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Mindegade 6
8000 Aarhus C

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Restaurant Klokken – All the best from the Danish heritage kitchen

For us, the essence in a good meal is fresh and carefully selected ingredients as well as delicate flavors

The concept is classical Danish food & open faced sandwiches, both for lunch and dinner. Klokken does not intend to revolutionize or “twist” classic danish dishes, but to be faithful to traditions & quality using only the best ingredients

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Our chefs put a virtue in creating great taste.

Open faced sandwiches

Open faced sandwiches are a big part of the Danish history and culture. The Danish specialty is still among the favorites of most people; young as elderly. Our sandwiches are served on homemade, light wheat bread or soft rye bread.

Kitchen opening hours:


Monday: 11.30-20
Tuesday: 11.30-20
Wednesday: 11.30-20
Thursday: 11.30-21
Friday: 11.30-22
Saturday: 11.30-22
Sunday: 11.30-14

Restaurant Klokken
Mindegade 6 
8000, Aarhus C

+45 69156986



We can do everything from lunches to evening parties both in and out of the house